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Eliana Bórmida

Senior Principal

Ms. Eliana Bórmida is co-head of Bórmida & Yanzón Architects. The firm is based in Mendoza, Argentina and it specializes in winery design and architecture.

From 1988 to date, Bórmida & Yanzón Architects have designed over 30 wineries which have been widely promoted in local and international media, and several of which have received awards commending their design.

Ms. Bórmida's professional experience combines her practice as an architect and project manager, together with her experience as a University Professor. She has been appointed Professor Emeritus at the University of Mendoza, where she served as Full Professor of History of Architecture and Urbanism (1973 - 2005). She was also the founder and director of the Institute of Architectural and Urban Culture at the University of Mendoza. There, she worked on issues concerning Cultural Heritage and Andean Regional Identity, and started a line of research on Cultural Heritage related to wine in Mendoza.

Between 1995 and 2003 she served as delegate to the National Commission of Museums and Historical Sites and Monuments (CNMMLH) and to the International Council on Monuments and Sites of Argentina (ICOMOS). In 2007 the Presidency of Italy awarded her with the Stella dell'Ordine della Solidarietã Italiana award.

At present, Ms. Bórmida is the Executive Manager of all her staff and works in projects of different types and scales. Her projects integrate the concepts of architectural design into the context they are immersed. The context is defined in terms of the natural and cultural landscape and seeks to grant architecture with a contextual support and a transcendental projection, so as to contribute to its regional identity.

Ms. Bórmida is currently devoted to her firm and carries out an active participation in specialized seminars and publications regarding Agro-Industrial Architecture, Agricultural Tourism and Conservation and Revitalization of cultural and natural heritage.

In 2013, Bórmida & Yanzón Architects were awarded with the Konex Award on Architecture 2012.